It’s time. You want to do more structured activities now that you have a two year old.


Your two year old is crazy busy getting into just about everything.

And you might just feel like ripping your hair out…

…because you just don’t know what to do!

And then you decide to try to do a craft.

You spend hours searching for a craft to do and then more time going to store after store to find the right supplies.

And then even longer prepping them…

and you’re exhausted before you even invite your two year old to join you.

But it’s fun…. for about 5 minutes.

And did the craft turn out like it was shown? Heck no!

This is definitely a Pinterest fail.

And you get upset that the craft didn’t turn out and it just ends up becoming a huge fight and no one is having fun.

Where in there did the memories get created?

Hint: It was in the 5 minutes your two year old was having a blast creating that craft. And had nothing to do with how it turned out.

What if I told you I have the solution that doesn’t cost you hours of prepping activities & crafts?

PLAY: Playful Activity Plans for Your Busy Toddler ($12 Retail Value)

PLAY: Playful Activity Plans for Your Busy Toddler

These are 35 hand-chosen activities that you can actually do with your toddler.

You’ll be guided on how to find that extra 15 minutes (that you don’t have) to make time for the most important part of your life: your family.

Pre-Planned Activities Ready to Grab and Go!

I just want to say how perfect The Activity Room has been for our family. I have 4 kids: 5, 3, 2 and 4 months. From the moment I wake up it’s “go time” and I barely have a moment to think. Having pre-planned and (essentially) pre-made activities ready to grab and go have been fantastic. I can have my older 3 all participate at the same time with me. No one gets bored and they all participate in their own way. 

Virgina P, Mother

Make is super easy to have fun with your toddler and be the parent you keep dreaming you will be.

Forget the hours of trying to find an activity with supplies you have. Don’t waste your time trying to decide if the activity is suitable for your two year old.

What's inside PLAY?

  • Make it easy to have fun with your toddler with the simplest of activities that use the supplies you have.
  • PLAY has five printable weeks of 35 activities to do with your child. These activities are the heart of the eBooks and are what sets these apart.
  • An entire week of activities (plus a supply list) is on one sheet of paper, making it easy to print out and pin it up for the week. That also means that each activity is explained in 2-3 short sentences.
  • There are printable activities, planners, and tips on how to do these activities!
  • Super easy way to make yourself be present when you have a planned week of simple (doable) activities ready for you to do with your toddler.
  • By having a simple place to come back and check off that you did the activities gives you a sense of accomplishment.
  • That little push you need to help you go ahead and have some fun with the kids!
  • A blank weekly activity planner is included as well to help you plan each week going forward. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of more activities included to quickly plan your weeks!
  • Once you’ve mastered the planned weeks of activities, keep the fun rolling with the blank weekly activity planner on your own! Head to the resource section full of every kind of activity you’re looking for to find ideas to fill it!
  • Go-To Lists of all the different types of activities with literally over 100 activities for all the ages to do! These are great activities to substitute during the five weeks if you don’t have something on hand (which is unlikely since the supplies are all very common) or to use in your activity planning going forward.

So easy when you're in a funk!

I absolutely love that this takes all the prep work out of engaging my children. It is so easy to just put up the calendar, and glance at it for inspiration when we are in a funk.

Rachel, Mother


100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

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