Activity Room Accountability Series

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Activity Room Accountability Series

12-Week Activity Challenge to do with 2 to 5 Year Olds at Home!

Introducing a brand new challenge, the Activity Room Accountability Series, for parents that want to create a habit of doing activities so that they can create memories and spend quality time with their kids.

Perfect for a mom at home with a toddler or preschooler (2-5 year olds), whether you’re a stay at home mom, a working mom, or a grandparent watching the kids!

Over the course of 12 weeks, you’ll create a habit of doing activities consistently, without the hassle of looking for them, or the stress and mom-guilt of all the shoulds, so you can build a strong foundation with your child during this short time in their childhood.

$1000 Team Cash Giveaway

Team Activity Accountability

The Activity Room Accountability Series is a 12-week challenge to do 5 activities per week as a part of your team of 4 friends for a chance to win $1000 cash prize!

At the end, you’ll have created a habit of intentionally playing with your child, finding it easier and easier as you work your way through to Memory Maker status.

Creating the Habit: PRICELESS

How it Works:

  • The series begins Monday, January 25th and goes through April 18th.
  • To be eligible for a chance to win $1000 TEAM GRAND PRIZE ($250 to each team member) as motivation to complete activities and create memories:
  • Form a team of 4 friends. If you can’t form a full team, that’s okay, we’ll help you put one together.
  • Choose a team leader! Ra-Ra!
  • Each team member will do 5 activities* with their kids each week during the 12 week series (we’ll start January 25th and go through April 18th).
  • Sync your calendar to get our daily activities (and alternate options) right in your online calendar! (Other intentional activities count! Check out the FAQ section for more info.)
  • Sign up here to get a daily email with the daily activity, and two alternate activities in case you don’t have the right supplies handy. (Again, other intentional activities count! Check out the FAQ below.)
  • Download the Activity Tracker. Keep track of your fun on our Activity Tracker and snap a photo of it each week, and your team leader will submit the team’s each week to be eligible for the $1000 team grand prize!
  • It’s each team members’ responsibility throughout the week to keep track of their 5 FIVE Activities.
  • ** TEAM LEADERS: You will find this Sunday Facebook Post in the announcements on Activity Room Member Community Facebook Group every Sunday. I need all team members’ photos BY TUESDAY of each week so please get in the habit of posting to the comments on Sunday or Monday.
  • Of course, we’ll keep it interesting and you’ll earn bonus entries for individual prizes along the way as well!

* any intentional activities will count towards your 5 each week! It does NOT need to be one of the daily activities (or the two alternate) that we provide to count. See FAQ section below for more information.

We begin tracking your activities for the Activity Room Accountability Series on Monday, January 25th. 

To do before January 24th:

This Series is included in your Activity Room membership. The only thing to say you’re signed up is to do the following steps.

Each member of your team needs to join The Activity Room. Invite your friends to join the membership and Series here.

  1. Choose Your Team Leader and Team Name
  2. Team Leader needs to submit the Team Form (only needs to be filled out once for the entire team, NOT for each team member)
  3. Each team member needs to download the Activity Tracker.
  4. Join the Member Community to submit your team’s trackers each weeks and enter to win the prizes!
  5. Get signed up for Activity Reminders.

If you have a partial team (2 or 3 members), fill out the team form & we will fill out the rest of your team for you.
If you do not have any teammates, fill out the team request form & we will place you on a team.

Team Form

Submit your team of 4, or partial team (2-3 members)

Choose your Team Leader

— OR —

Team Request

Request to be placed on a team.

Activity Tracker

Each team member needs to download their Activity Tracker.

Member Community

Join the Member Community to submit your team’s Activity Trackers each week.

Get Signed up for Daily Activity Reminders:

(You have two options, choose the one that works best for you, or choose both.)

Get Daily Emails

Sync Online Calendar

Got questions about the

Activity Room Accountability Series?

We will help match up those without a full team and get you settled in!

You will have to form and submit a team by Sunday, January 24th (we start on Monday, January 25th, so you gotta be ready!

Enrollment to join The Activity Room and the Accountability Series will end on January 21st, giving you at least 3 days to form and submit your team (if you join at the very last minute). You will have from whenever you join until the 24th to get your team submitted.

An activity is an intentional invitation to spend time with your child. This means, you are spending time with your child for a given amount of time (the time may vary), that you are seeking to make it a quality time spent together.

If you are simply going grocery shopping, or doing other errands, and your child happens to be with you, it DOES NOT count as an activity.

Here are some things that counts as an activity:

  • Activities like you find here in The Activity Room
  • 15 minute play session of blocks or other toy of choice without being distracted by other chores
  • A dance party in your kitchen where you are creating a fun environment for your child.
  • Grocery shopping with a checklist (scavenger hunt) of items for your child to find. Or other game to play with your child during a regular errand.
  • Playing a board game.
  • Doctor office visits with an intentional invitation to play, playing a game of I Spy, card games, or other similar invitation.

Here are some things that DO NOT count as an activity:

  • Regular daily errands where your child is just tagging along with no invitation of play.
  • Doctor office visits with no invitation of play.
  • Going for a walk.
  • Sitting at the playground while your child plays.
  • Setting up a playdate.
  • Please use your best judgement, if you are second guessing whether it counts, then it probably doesn’t.

There will be a single post in the Member Community Facebook Group each Sunday and the team leaders will need to comment with each of their members’ trackers photos (4 total comments for each team).

Team Leaders will have until Tuesday of each week to submit their team’s trackers. So choose your team leader wisely!

Your team has a chance to win $1000 cash prize! Each of your team members need to do 5 activities per week, track it in the Activity Tracker, your team leader will submit your team’s trackers each Sunday to be qualified to win!

No purchase is necessary. You can choose to form your team, find the activities, and submit your trackers via email manually (without the community encouragement & support, activity prompts, email support, or reminder to submit).

Absolutely. Take the challenge on yourself to do 5 activities per week and be entered to win individual prizes if you’d like. Or just join and have all the fun!

We create a new activity plan every month. Every Monday through Friday there is a simple activity for you to do with your 2 to 5 year old. We treat the weekends as a time for family where we have an activity prompt for you to do as a family (these can count as an activity for your Activity Tracker).​

You’ll receive the full month’s plan and supply list up front before each month starts, broken down into easy-to-manage weekly chunks. Some members follow the calendar week-by-week and others just use the 700+ activities in the Activity Library based on their needs and preferences. The choice is yours!

Your Activity Team! That’s the beauty of this Accountability Series. You have a team that you won’t want to let down and lose out on the chance to win $1000 in cash for the team.

And if a teammate does fall off the wagon, we still have individual prizes available to keep you motivated throughout the 12 week series!

This past year has been special, and we will take that into account. If you get sick, you can simply email the Hands On As We Grow team, and it will NOT disqualify your team from winning the cash prize.

Here are a couple sample activities we’ve included in recent monthly plans.

You can also get a sneak peek inside The Activity Room here to see the whole member experience along with a peek into the monthly pack.

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