Better than screens: the 11 supplies that save your sanity.


CAPSULE: Grab & Go Bags! Eleven Supplies to Do All 70 Activities!

With just 11 supplies in a grab bag, you’ll have endless fun doing any of these 70+ activities.

Including activities to do at a restaurant, waiting room, at Grandma’s house, or just when you’re too busy to be hands-on.

Really Easy to Set Up Activities! With Just 11 Supplies!

I am quite a busy person who, to be honest, simply doesn’t have the time or the energy to be super domesticated child education Mum. But these activities are really really easy to set up, and you are right, I DO have most of the stuff at home (I don’t mind putting the odd thing on the grocery list for them e.g. hair gel haha), so I can actually see myself doing these things with my kids.

Sarah A, Mother

Always have something with you that is simple, but interesting enough to keep their attention.

Without bringing the entire toy bin.

What's inside CAPSULE?

  • Over 70 activities to do with your toddler or preschooler at restaurants, waiting rooms, grandma’s house, or when you’re just too busy to be hands-on.
  • Supply list with 11 common supplies for doing activities. Do all 70 activities with these 11!
  • 133 pages of rock-star activities you can do with one simple grab bag of 11 supplies.
  • 6 SUB-CAPSULES: play dough bag, deck of cards bag, paper & markers bag, craft bag, learning bag, just for fun bag!
  • Activity cards to print and slip in the your capsule bag for on-the-go!
  • Go-To Lists for every circumstance! Each sub-capsule has a go-to list for easy reference. Plus go-to lists for Restaurants, Waiting Rooms, At Grandma’s House, and When You’re Busy.

Go-To Lists Activities to Fill Your Day!

I just wanted to say that I have loved the activity planner so far. I have used the go to lists a couple times already but they have been used when my boys wanted to do a second activity during the day. I’m a stay at home mom so we have a lot of time during the day to fill. I have truly found the lists helpful to be more intentional in my play with the boys.

Brooklyn L, Mother


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