We connect parents to their kids.

My goal with The Activity Room is to continually help parents play and learn with their kids.

To provide them with no-hassle activities for their toddler or preschooler… delivered right to them every week.

Hands On As We Grow is a top kids activity blog that’s been helping parents, grandparents, teachers and care givers learn to have fun with their kids for the past 5 years.

We do we offer?

A free 7 day challenge to your readers! Upon signing up, they will be offered a generous 60% discount off the regular price of the Early Years Bundle of Activity Plans (you can find all the eBooks that we offer in our shop here).

We also have a monthly subscription service called The Activity Room.

What is The Activity Room?

The Activity Room is a monthly subscription service that delivers activities, designed just for toddlers and preschoolers, to parents (and when I say parents, that also includes grandparents, teachers and caregivers) every single week. I give them variations to do each activity, depending upon the age of the child.

I send activities that will make it easy for parents to engage and play with their child… always have something to do… and sometimes to just get through the day.

The Activity Room is designed to make it easy for them to be present with their kids as they bring the family together.

Why is your audience a good fit?

You may be wondering how your audience fits into this.

Whether you write primarily about food, fitness, health, crafts or parties… they all have one thing in common. You target the every day mom trying to get through her day. The mom that struggles with these areas in their lives and you’re helping them achieve their dreams.

Parenting struggles are often a common thread all those mom’s have, and finding a way to bond and create memories with their kids is high on their list.

And maybe, just maybe, these busy moms need to provide their kids with something fun to do, so that they can get back to doing ‘their thing’, whether its cooking, working out, or crafting on their own.

Your readers need to have this easy way to be present with their kids and bring their family together.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll make a generous commission. If your readers purchase one of our many ebooks of activity plans, you’ll earn a 50% commission. For every subscription in The Activity Room your readers buy, you will earn a 50% recurring commission.

Your cookie lasts a lifetime. Whether they buy in the next hour, next month, or next year, if you are the last partner that referred them to The Activity Room, you get credit.

After they sign up for a challenge or buy, you will get credit for any and all sales they make in the future. No matter what link they click on. How awesome is that?

You can promote a 7-day challenge that’s free and still make money. Your readers will be thanking you.

Hand holding to get the most out of being a partner! We’ll provide you with email copy to sell to your audience. You can change it up to be from your voice, or leave it as is and watch the sales come in.

Join us as a partner!

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