Today is the last day of the Learning Without Worksheets Challenge! You’ve made it through all 7 days.

You should be very proud of the way you’ve stuck to the challenge, stayed present with your child, and fit the activities into your days (even when it wasn’t easy).

And stay tuned. We’re going to keep this good thing going so stay tuned for an exciting announcement coming your way in the upcoming weeks!

We’re ending this challenge with a little bit of magic! This will be a favorite for them! 

Today’s magical activity is a fun experiment: The Magic Pepper Experiment

Fill a bowl with water and sprinkle on some black pepper. Dab a finger into dish soap and touch the surface of the peppered water. Watch the magic!

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – dish soap, a bowl of water, black pepper

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • Use enough pepper to cover the top of the water.
  • When the soap touches the water, the surface tension changes, and the pepper no longer floats on top. But the water molecules still want to keep the surface tension, so they pull back away from the soap, and carry the pepper along with them.
  • Test and see: Do other objects react the same way as pepper does? Try pom poms or rice!

Read the full post and see photos and a video of the magic!



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