You are almost to the end of the challenge! Your child is so lucky to have you. I mean that in the most serious voice — not all kids are lucky enough to have someone put them ahead of chores and errands, to spend this quality time with them… You are doing good things!

We’re on day 6 of the activity challenge. My kids always get a kick out of this one – and we have fun making it a learning activity most of the time (but totally not necessary).

Here’s today’s gross motor activity with some counting and simple addition! Frisbee Toss!

Tape 3 lines of tape on the floor about a foot apart. Stand back and toss the lids like a frisbee to land on the tape line. Earn 1 point when you land on the 1st line, 2 on the 2nd and so on.

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – plastic lids, painter’s tape

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • If you don’t have any plastic lids, you could also use paper plates or little plastic toy Frisbees.
  • Don’t want to put tape on the floor? Take this to the stairs and have each stair be another point!
  • Have older kids tally and add their points on a piece of paper and work toward to number (like 20).
  • Add more lines for added difficulty!

Read the full Frisbee toss activity!



While you have the lines of tape on the floor today — try our jumping game! Add a couple more lines of tape if needed. With 2 feet at the first line of tape, how far can your child jump? Measure it by the number of lines. Here are 5 activities.



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