You may have seen this activity for Day 5 of the Learning Without Worksheets challenge floating around Facebook — it’s kind of gone viral — with good reason. This is an activity you gotta try!

It’s so simple — adds a learning element — and kids absolutely love it.

Here’s today’s sensory activity with a learning twist: Color Sorting Sensory Bag

Add hair gel and buttons to a baggy to make a sensory bag. Draw circles (in the same colors as the buttons),and the color name on the outside of the baggy. Sort the buttons into their circles!

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – gallon size freezer baggy (2 to double bag), permanent markers, colored buttons, dish soap or hair gel

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • Younger kids? Ditch the circles to move the buttons into and just let them move them around. Talk about the colors.
  • Older kids can be timed to see how fast it can be done, or have them trace the circle with the buttons.
  • You can erase the permanent marker with a Magic Eraser and draw new sections to sort the buttons into.

Read all about our color sorting sensory bag



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