We’re already on Day 4 of the Learning without Worksheets challenge! How is it going for you?

Today’s activity your kids are absolutely going to love (and I think you will too)! This activity is great for problem-solving again, but also sneaks in some fantastic pre-writing practice, and learning about shapes!

Here’s today’s fun learning activity: Match the Shadow

Build a tower of blocks on a piece of large paper. Shine a flashlight on it and trace the shadow. Without moving the flashlight or paper, remove the blocks. Rebuild the tower to match the shadow.

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – flashlight, marker, blocks, a dark area

Here are some tips for this shadow activity —

  • You can include your child as much or as little as you want in setting this up. Preschoolers can trace the shadow, but it may be time-consuming and they might lose interest. Work together!
  • Be sure to secure the flashlight and the paper in a spot so that it does not move after tracing the shadow.
  • You can do this outside with the sunlight or create a dark space inside under a table with a blanket draped over.

Read the full shadow matching activity 


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