What a fun week this has been so far! I’m so proud of youAre you excited that you’ve been having fun with your child this week??? It totally pays off with a shift in attitudes in our house.

Today’s activity challenge is a gross motor activity to get the kids moving! These are my favorite types of activities.

Here’s today’s gross motor activity with a learning twist: Letter Stomp on the Stairs

Write a letter on a sticky note, several of the same, a few different letters. Stick the sticky notes on the stairs, two or three per step. Stomp on a letter to find them all!

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – sticky notes, markers, stairs or an open area

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • Stick to just 4 or 5 letters to begin with.
  • Build confidence by using 3 letters your child already knows and add in 2 more to work on
  • Write the number you have of each letter in the corner of each sticky note as a cross-checker for your child

Read the full letter stomp on the stairs activity here



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