You are doing awesome! Just by taking this challenge tells me that you care A LOT about your kids and you’re an amazing parent. So give yourself a pat on your back for just wanting to be there for your child. (It’s a bigger deal than you might think.)

Don’t forget to check in with me on Instagram using the hashtag #LearnWithoutWorksheets – I love seeing everyone’s spin on the activity of the day!

Here’s today’s name activity: Play Dough Name

Write your child’s name on a piece of paper. Roll play dough into ‘snakes’ to trace the letters in their with the play dough.

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – paper, pencil, play dough

Here are some tips for this name activity —

  • Rolling the play dough is the major part of this fine motor activity, the name and letters are secondary. Remember to tell them what letter they’re working on, to make their name!
  • It’s okay to use several pieces of ‘snakes’ to make one letter!
  • Younger kids may need help forming letters. Instead of letters, you could try straight and slightly curvy lines.

Read the full activity and see photos of our play dough names


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