Woohoo!!! Today is the last day of the Get Active Inside Challenge! You’ve made it through all 7 days.

You should be very proud of the way you’ve stuck to the challenge, stayed present with your child, and fit the activities into your days (even when it wasn’t easy).

And stay tuned. We’re going to keep this good thing going so keep an eye out for an exciting announcement coming your way this week.

We’re ending this challenge with a classic! I bet they already play this on their own — but we’ll add in a learning twist! 

Today’s gross motor activity is a fun class: The Floor Is Lava

Tape down sheets of paper around the room, within jumping distance of each other. Jump from paper to paper to not step in the lava (the bare floor).

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – paper & tape, or pillows

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • Crank up the music while you’re jumping! Have a great time with it, join in with them!
  • You can add a bit of color learning to the mix! Shout a color and have the kids find a way to get to that color piece of paper without stepping on the lava.
  • Count how many pieces of paper they can jump on before they fall off into the lava. Can they make it to 20?

Read the full post and see photos

Remember that the point of the challenge is to give you some motivation and accountability to do activities with your child.

You have three options to help hold you accountable –

  1. Reply back to me once you’ve done the challenge. I will get your email. Tell me that you did it, share a photo if you can. Proof you are being hands on!
  2. Join and share with other hands on parents and caregivers in Get Active Inside Facebook Group.
  3. Join The Activity Room to get a little more hands on support and accountability from myself and other parents, but also to keep spending time with your kids after the challenge is over – with activities planned for you week after week. Click here to join The Activity Room.

I gotta know – is one activity a lot for you to do every day? Or was it a breeze? :et me know!

Actually, tomorrow I’m going to pop in with an little something for you — which will be great to do this week again (or in case you were late to join in)!

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