You are almost to the end of the challenge! Your child is so lucky to have you. I mean that in the most serious voice — not all kids are lucky enough to have someone put them ahead of chores and errands, to spend this quality time with them. You are doing good things!

We’re on day 6 of the activity challenge. Your kids will get a kick out of this one – and this is great for body awareness and flexibility.

Here’s today’s gross motor activity: Paper Hands & Feet Twister!

Trace and cutout your child’s hands and feet on paper. Tape the paper hands and feet to the floor and have your child match their hands and feet to the paper. Re-position the paper hands and feet and repeat.

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – paper, pencil, scissors, tape

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • You can even take this a step further and make several hands and several feet in different colors. And tape them to the floor in a grid and call out colors and hands or feet, just like Twister. (Make a spinner too! How fun!)
  • With younger kids just cut one set of hands and feet and tape them to the floor, match them up, get up and move them around. One at a time.
  • With older kids, you can use several hands and feet to have them follow and move throughout the house.
  • Challenge older kids to create their own path that they can do. Can they really reach their feet that far apart? Try it and see!
  • Extend the activity by inviting them to decorate their hands and feet by painting or drawing them!

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Do your kids seem to prefer one style of activity more than others? Mine are easily entertained by gross motor activities to get out extra energy, but we have to be in the right mood for a fine motor or sensory (sit down) activity…

If you’ve been loving these activities this week, you’ll love The Activity Room! I can’t wait to invite you to join us!

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