Day 5 of the challenge already — before we know it, this week will be done already! Time flies when we’re having fun, right?

By now, there should be a little less “I’m bored” and picking at their siblings to start up a fight. And hopefully a lot more creative juices flowing! I challenge you to see where today’s activity takes you beyond the initial start of it. Let the kids change it up and go with it!

Here’s today’s get moving activity: Paper Plate Sock Toss

Cut the center out of three paper plate and attach a piece of yarn (three different lengths) to the plates and tape them in an open space. Toss socks through the holes in the paper plates.

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – paper plates, scissors yarn/string, socks

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • Be sure to hang them low enough for your child to be able to throw through it.
  • For young kids, hang it at their height so they can stick the socks through with their hands if needed.
  • Older kids can have a line they need to stand behind.
  • You can number each of the plates to be counted as points. Then tally up, or use addition problems to score your points!

Let’s do a quick check-in — of the 5 challenges so far — how many have you done? Let us know in the Facebook group!

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