We’re already on Day 4 of the Get Active Inside challenge! How is it going for you?

Your kids are absolutely going to love today’s activity (and I think you will too)! This activity is great get the body moving in all sorts of ways, but also sneaks in some letter and name learning!

Here’s today’s fun get active activity with a learning twist: String Scavenger Hunt

String one long yarn around a room. Clip the letters of their name onto the string in order from start to finish. Follow the string to find the letters to make your name!

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – yarn or string, paper, marker, clothespins or paper clips

Here are some tips for this shadow activity —

  • Be sure to have your child bring the letters together at the end of the string to spell their name out.
  • Be sure to weave the yarn at different heights and crisscross to have your child duck under and step over to get through.
  • As with most of these activities, you can use it to learn anything you’re working on. Clip numbers and letters onto the string. Or spelling words for older kids.

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How are you doing on this challenge so far? Is it helpful to have a planned activity for the day to do when you get time?

Don’t forget to check in with me on Instagram using the hashtag #GetActiveInside or in our Facebook Group! – I love seeing everyone’s spin on the activity each day!

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