What a fun week this has been so far! I’m so proud of youAre you excited that you’ve been having fun with your child this week — INSIDE??? It totally pays off with a shift in attitudes in our house.

Today’s activity challenge is a gross motor activity that really gets the kids moving — but again, in a way that will keep them in control! These are my favorite types of activities.

Here’s today’s simple gross motor activity: Crab Walk Transfer

Gather a few stuffed animals to haul from a starting line back to their home (put away). Transfer the animals back to their home by placing them on your belly and crab walking.

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – stuffed animals or toys

Here are some tips for this activity —

  • Create their ‘home’ by using a toy box or a clothes basket of some sort.
  • Let your child experiment to figure out how they want to carry their toys during the crab walk!
  • Younger kids can’t crab walk? Try this with a crawl and balancing it on their back (use a backpack if it keeps falling off)
  • To make this a little more advanced for older kids, add in some math! See how many they can carry at one time, and add that number to the next load of stuffed animals.

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Remember that the point of the challenge is to give you some motivation and accountability to do activities with your child.

You have three options to help hold you accountable –

  1. Reply back to me once you’ve done the challenge. I will get your email. Tell me that you did it, share a photo if you can. Proof you are being hands on!
  2. Join and share with other hands on parents and caregivers in Get Active Inside Facebook Group.
  3. Join The Activity Room to get a little more hands on support and accountability from myself and other parents, but also to keep spending time with your kids after the challenge is over — with activities planned for you week after week. Click here to join The Activity Room.

Gross motor activities always kept our house sane, whether its freezing or not — you can find number of them here.

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