You are doing awesome! Just by signing up for this challenge tells me that you care A LOT about your kids and you’re an amazing parent. So give yourself a pat on your back for just wanting to be there for your child. (It’s a bigger deal than you might think.) Don’t forget to check in with me on Instagram using the hashtag #GetActiveInside – I love seeing everyone’s spin on the activity of the day!
Here’s today’s name activity: Shake to Make Art

Shake your way to beautiful art! Cut paper into desired shapes and lay flat in a box. Add paint blobs around the paper in the box. Add toys to the box, close it up and shake!

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – box, paper, paint, objects (hard toys/balls) ​Here are some tips for this art activity —
  • ​Shape ideas: simple snowflakes, hearts, stars, random cuttings!
  • It does not take a lot of paint. Small dabs are enough. And you may find that you can lay more paper in the next round and do it again without adding more paint.
  • Tape the decorated cutouts onto a piece of string or yarn to make a garland to hang in the window.
  • Be sure to use washable paints for easy cleanup, I recommend Crayola Washable Paints.
  • Cut out shapes along with your toddler, they may only cut one shape out in the same time you cut a dozen. But involving them in this will be great scissors skills practice.
  • With older kids, they can take the lead on this, when deciding on paint colors have them think about what the colors will mix together as so they can think of the end design that would like to achieve.
Read the full post and see photos of the activity 
When do you find that you need an activity the most? Mine is always in the evening, when my oldest is back from school and the initial stuff is done (going through bag, asking about his day, etc) and I’m starting to get antsy about what to make for dinner… You can also find a slew of big art activities like this here.

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