Hello! Are you ready for your first activity of the Get Active Inside Challenge? I’m excited to get started! Let’s get right to it! My goal for this challenge is to show you:
  • simple go-to activities that get your child’s energy out
  • that it’s possible to sneak in activities into your hectic schedule when there’s a plan
  • that you don’t have to spend hours prepping an activity or finding the right supplies
  • and that activities work as a means of connecting with your child! (And it’s a lot of fun!)
I can’t wait for you to experience the benefits of spending 15 minutes with your child each day. You’re going to end this challenge feeling more connected and more confident in your ability to be the parent you want to be. Are you ready!?? Before we get started, be sure to:
  1. Download the supply list to double check everything
  2. Download & print your Daily Activity Checklist
  3. Invite a friend to be your accountability buddy!!
Let’s start the Get Active Inside Challenge now! This first activity isn’t a super high energy activity (yet!) — but one that will use physical movement in a very concentrated way. I love these kinds of gross motor activities the best because they allow for your child to get active and moving, but it’s a very mild manner that doesn’t get out of hand.
Here’s today’s problem-solving activity: Follow the Line

Tape a long string on the floor in a long line. Move a ball from one end to the other along the string using only your hands… how about your foot?

You’ll need a few supplies for this one – tape, string, ball Here are some tips to make follow the line work for you —
  • Any size ball would work, but a smaller sized ball would be better for kids to manipulate.
  • If you don’t have string, a jump rope works well, otherwise just tape a line on the floor and just use that!
  • Expand on this activity further by showing your child how to move the ball with their elbow or nose, or any other body part you can think of!
  • With more than one kid, you can set up two different lines and have races.
  • For young toddlers, if rolling the ball is too difficult, try walking along the line as best they can, back and forth.
  • For older kids, to challenge them a bit more, make more advanced lines, a curvy line, or a square, or zig zags.
You can read the full post and see more details here
Can you do me a favor and let me know — why are you doing this activity challenge? Are you in a funk? Are you beginning and learning to be hands on? There’s still time to invite a friend — just share this link with them to sign up.

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