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Learning without Worksheets
7-Day Challenge

Starts Sunday, October 1st

Take the 7 Day Learning without Worksheets Challenge & you will...

  • Learn that it doesn't have to take all day to create memories with your child
  • Have simple go-to activities that help teach your preschooler the basics anytime, anywhere.
  • Notice a better attitude in your home when you spend time with your child.
  • Learn that worksheets aren't the only way to teach writing, reading and math concepts.
  • Become your child's first and favorite teacher!

Are you looking for ways to help your child learn, in a fun way?

I am looking for different and interesting ways to teach him how to count, learn the alphabet and eventually start reading.

My daughter is 3 and I wanted to start writing with her, also need help with recognizing her numbers and letters….

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Each activity will have a learning focus for your preschooler from letters, to counting, to science, to cognitive thinking! We'll cover it all and make it super fun to do that they won't even think of it as learning, but just as some fun time spent together, creating memories.

Sign up! Challenge starts October 1st!

Being the parent you want to be doesn't have to be a struggle.

Some days... it's a struggle to just get dressed and out the door, let alone be creative and actually do activities with your little kids that help get them ready for school.

I feel that overwhelm too.

I want to spend quality time with my kids. I want to be their first teacher. I want to make memories for them to look back on their childhood. This is a primary parenting goal of mine.

Simple activities are key!

By making learning fun for your child, you'll foster a love of learning through their school years.

Jamie Reimer | Founder

I'll be the one challenging you to be the parent you want to be.

I’m Jamie, and I’ve been where you are.

When my oldest was a toddler, I was super excited to start doing activities with him because I have fond memories of doing them as a child. But I quickly realized that elaborate activities weren't for us.

With a baby in the house - I just couldn't take the time to prepare for an activity for my toddler that probably would last only mere seconds, or spend money on supplies that I'd only use once. I didn't know what was appropriate for his age at the time. Or how to get my child engaged and interested in the activities we did.

That all changed when I studied my child and started doing activities that suited his interests, development and abilities. And that were easy to set up that used supplies I had on hand.

I share them all here, on Hands On As We Grow, where I've helped and challenged over 70,000 parents to simplify their activities and create a memorable childhood their kids, every day.

"Exactly what I need right now."

Why this challenge makes you a better parent from other parents just like you

What I liked about the activities are they are easy to do and don't require a lot of expensive materials, nor did they seem to have potential to create too much mess. From a learning standpoint, I love how you've done all the thinking for me, not just in suggesting activities but identifying what type of skills these activities can help my child develop in digestible steps that are well-guided without seeming overwhelming.

Lynn Z., Mother

I have been looking for something this for 3 years now since I became a full time Mum. I am quite a busy person who, to be honest, simply doesn’t have the time or the energy to be super domesticated child education Mum. But these activities are really, really easy to set up, and you are right, I DO have most of the stuff at home, so I can actually see myself doing these things with my kids.

Sarah A., Full Time Mother

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Sign up! Challenge starts October 1st!