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starts Sunday, January 14th

Does your child need to get their energy out?

(and shut off the TV?)

You’ve been cooped up for days and your kids are not able to move their bodies like they should, but you know that they need that movement in their day to stop them from going wild & crazy.

You know they need to release their energy and run, jump, climb and skip… but it’s cold and dark early… and just driving you nuts being stuck inside.

Join the Get Active Inside Challenge

There is no one-activity-fits-all. But if you take a moment to tell me about your situation, then I can give you the best physical activities for you during this challenge that starts Sunday, January 14th.

Take the 7 Day "Get Active Inside" Challenge & you will...

  • Have simple go-to activities that get your child’s energy out when it’s too cold to stay outdoors for very long.
  • Discover that you can allow physical activity indoors that create memories with your child.
  • Spend more time being with your kids than prepping supplies and setting it up.
  • Notice a better attitude in your home when you work some of that crazy off (in a focused way you approve of)!
  • Keep your child busy and entertained so they’re not bored and starting fights.

Join this challenge to burn off that extra energy that your kids have!

For 7 days you’ll receive an activity each day that is perfect to release your child’s energy they’re stuck inside.

Being the parent you want to be doesn't have to be a struggle.

In the winter…. it’s a huge struggle to just get dressed and out the door, let alone be creative and actually do activities with your little kids that help expend their energy.

I feel that overwhelm too.

I want to spend quality time with my kids. I want to be their first teacher. I want to make memories for them to look back on their childhood. This is a primary parenting goal of mine.

Simple activities are key!

By making movement a priority for your child, you’ll find that they are more able to focus and pay attention when you need them to.

Jamie Reimer | Founder

I'll be the one challenging you to be the parent you want to be.

I’m Jamie, and I’ve been where you are.

When my oldest was a toddler, and with a baby in the house – I just couldn’t take the time to prepare an activity for my toddler that probably would last only mere seconds, or spend money on supplies that I’d only use once. I didn’t know what was appropriate for his age at the time. Or how to get my child engaged and interested in the activities we did.

That all changed when I studied my child and started doing activities that suited his interests, development and abilities. And that were easy to set up that used supplies I had on hand.

I share them all here on Hands On As We Grow, where I’ve helped and challenged over 70,000 parents to simplify their activities and create a memorable childhood for their kids, every day.

"I NEED to spend this time with my child."

Why this challenge makes you a better parent from other parents just like you:

katie p testimonial

The activities are perfect for us to do everyday or find and put together quickly when we need a change of pace! Many times the activities give me a great idea and I’m able to run with it, add to it, etc (which just means more fun!)! – Katie P.


There were many laughs. Something I am realizing about these activities…my daughter loves them and has fun but I think her true joy is in spending alone time with me. She calls it “mommy and me time.” It is all very humbling. I’m realizing that I NEED to spend this time with her. – Erin K.

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